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Garage Ceiling Racks and Storage Solutions

If you don’t have ceiling racks in your garage, you might be missing out on some valuable overhead storage space that could do wonders for your organizational challenges. Overhauled Garages LLC is dedicated to helping homeowners throughout Richmond and Columbia County, GA reduce clutter and stress when storing belongings in their garages. No matter how large the space is, it’s amazing how quickly you can run out of room. We have the answer to that problem. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

overhead garage storage rack

Reliable Products and Expert Installation

When it comes to overhead storage and ceiling racks, the first concern on everyone’s mind is their safety and ability to support the items they’re designed to store. With our products and installation work, you can have complete peace of mind that our garage storage systems that hang from above will remain there. We understand the importance of what’s below at any given time, such as your vehicles and, more importantly, your family members. Our products are professionally installed, anchored, reinforced in place, and tested for strength. You’ll never have to second-guess their load capacity.

overhead garage storage rack

Keep Those Larger Items up and Out of the Way

One of the best things about ceiling racks in the garage is they’re ideal for some of those larger and bulkier items that take up valuable real estate at ground level. Take advantage of the unused space above to store items such as:

  • Bicycles
  • Kayaks
  • Canoes
  • Camping Equipment
  • Seasonal Sports Equipment
  • Holiday Decorations

Schedule a Free Design Consultation for Garage Storage

Overhead garage storage solutions are available in various configurations. You can choose hooks and racks to hold bikes, surfboards, and other recreational equipment or include shelving to make storing bins and boxes more organized. Our experienced team at Overhauled Garages LLC has helped homeowners throughout Richmond and Columbia County find the perfect set up to clean up overcrowded garages. Contact us to schedule your free design estimate today.

Need a Garage Overhaul? Give Us a Call.